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Gov. Perry honored as Texan of the Year

“Leadership is not about making everyone happy; it is about standing strong for something you believe in even when the wind currents start to blow hard in your face,” Perry said.

From the Office of Gov. Rick Perry

April 4, 2007

Government - Gov. Perry pictureNEW BRAUNFELS –Gov. Rick Perry March 23 was honored as Texan of the Year by the 41st Legislative Conference. Serving more than 22 years in Texas state government, Gov. Perry continues to champion a variety of issues important to the state, including health care, education and transportation.

“The most critical quality of a leader is someone who never loses sight of a long-term vision,” Gov. Perry said. “My vision is to build a Texas of limitless opportunity and prosperity, and I view decisions I make through that prism.”

Speaking to more than 500 government, business and education leaders, Perry emphasized the importance of leadership in public service. Highlighting several achievements during the six years of his administration, Gov. Perry spoke about his strong personal philosophy and values on leadership.

“The most important thing we can do for the people of Texas is lead with conviction,” Perry said. “Leadership is not about making everyone happy; it is about standing strong for something you believe in even when the wind currents start to blow hard in your face.”

Perry addressed two important issues facing the legislature: transportation and higher education reform.

“Let’s have an honest debate about transportation,” Perry said. “Either we build toll roads, slow roads or no roads. One 26-mile road extension in Dallas/Fort Worth, Highway 121, brought in $2.1 billion up front from the winning private vendor. That’s what the state gas tax delivered for roads all across Texas last year.”

Perry discussed his higher education initiative, which has been acclaimed by one federal official as the best reform plan in the nation, saying, “My plan is simple: it makes a college degree more accessible, our institutions more accountable and performance-oriented, and it invests in classroom and research excellence.”

Gov. Perry’s plan dedicates an addition $1.7 billion to financial aide and performance incentives for colleges and universities.

Talking about his philosophy for governing Perry said, “I believe what makes a state vibrant are investments in classrooms and research labs; jobs and infrastructure; healthcare and emerging industries; and limited government, restrained spending and lower taxes.”

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