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Religion: A Pastor Ponders

Formula for growth

By Pastor William Jenkins

July 26, 2007

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Recently I had the daunting task of being “The Preacher” at a fourth and fifth grade Summer Camp. It had been about 17 years since I was involved in the camping experience and wondered if I would be able to communicate with this new generation of youth.

The theme of the camp was “An Audience of ONE!”, chosen by those who developed the camp agenda and selected the leaders. I was informed, “The topic is worship, the theme is ‘An Audience of ONE!’, make it work.” (It’s not always easy to “wear Saul’s armor.”) Each day I shared with them about some aspect of worship in their lives.

The last worship assembly was on Friday morning before camp closed. I decided to give them something they might remember when they got home. I selected four girls to be cheerleaders and gave each of them a letter. Before we dismissed they were to lead the assembly in a cheer like is done at sporting events. The cheer went like this:

“Gimme a G!” “G!”
“Gimme an “R!” “R!”
“Gimme an “O!” “O!”
“Gimme a “W!” “W!”
“What does it spell?” “GROW!”

The kids really got into it and made the place rock…several times.
I then explained to them this is how they were to continue their Christian life when they got home:
They were to “G” – Go to church and Sunday School every Sunday.
They were to “R” – Read their Bibles every day.
They were to “O” – Obey God.
They were to “W” – Witness by inviting their friends to church.

I then had them repeat the “Go, Read, Obey, Witness” after me. They were only fourth and fifth grade kids but the formula for growing in our faith is the same for everyone regardless of age or education.

Gimme a “G!”…

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