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Religion: A Pastor Ponders

League City News - Nativity 3D Picture

Night shot of Christmas yard decor.
Photo By Marilyn Clark,
League City Area News Online

Christmas in a real world

By Pastor William Jenkins

December 14, 2006

League City News - League City Methodist Church Picture I have observed that whenever there is a live Nativity scene you need to be prepared for the unexpected and the unpredictable. When these things happen, think how like the first Christmas their portrayal is. The first Christmas had sheep and singing, music and mayhem, romance and realism, like the perfect live Nativity.

The first Christmas also contained the unexpected and the unpredictable, not at all unlike that live Nativity where the goat refuses to budge, a cow butts its handlers, a donkey drags the bale of hay to which it is tied, or someone trips over the extension cord and plunges the whole scene into darkness. Christmas came in the midst of life. It happened while everything else was happening.

The sun had set on a hard world that first Christmas Eve. The heel of the Roman boot was on the throat of Israel. Joseph and Mary were forced to go to Bethlehem to be taxed because his coffers were empty and Caesar Augustus wanted to build new buildings in Rome.

The story of Christmas belongs in our kind of world with its taxes, struggles, frustrations, sorrows…and its glories. Christmas arrived in a real world with a real message of joy and hope. Today the buildings that Caesar built from the Christmas taxation are in ruins, but

“The cozy stable close at hand
With shaking timbers and shifting sand
Grew a stronger thing to abide and stand
Than the great square stones of Rome.
In the place where Christ was homeless
The world has found a home.”

Merry Christmas and a happy new you!

League City United Methodist Church is located at 1411 Main Street (FM 518), one block east of Interstate 45. For information, call the church offices at 281-332-1557 or visit the website at


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