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CCISD Voters Approve the $264 Million Schoolhouse Bond 2004 Package

By Marilyn Clark, League City Area News Online

February 10, 2004

According to vote tabulation at the Creek Independent School District (CCISD) Educational Support Center on February 7, 2004, 64% of CCISD voters approved a trimmed $264 Million Bond package.

Last May, 54 % of CCISD voters turned down a $337 Million Bond package. Dr. Sandra Mossman, CCISD Superintendent, said that a CCISD survey (taken after this May vote) showed that a number of voters did not want to pay for a new football stadium, a district warehouse, and those things the voters thought were not necessary at this time. In addition, the voters did not want to spend over $300 Million for a Bond Package. So, the members of the Board of Trustees trimmed these items out of the package. Board members also removed other items from the Bond 2003 package and placed these items on a priority list for funding with savings and interest from Bonds 2000.

After development of the Bond 2004 package, CCISD officials, members of the Board of Trustees, and members of the CCISD Bond Advisory Committee mounted an intensive campaign to educate voters as to the need for more classroom space, security equipment, capital improvements, computers and land for new schools. Also, the Board extended early voting hours and added branch voting. For CCISD, branch voting is voting at different schools for different time periods.

An analysis of CCISD data for the Bond 2003 election, showed that 55.3% of early voters approved the bond package. However, 56.3% of voters were against the bond package on Election Day. According to the final tabulation of Bond 2003 election results, 53.0% of the voters turned down the bond package.

Bond 2003 Election

Votes  Early  Election Day   Total
Yes  55.3 %   43.7 %  47.0 %
No  43.9 %   56.3 %  53.0 %
Total -------------- --------------- ---------------
Votes  3322  8724 12023
On February 7, 2004, Bond 2004 election results were projected in the CCISD Board room as they were tabulated after the polls closed. The first election results showed that 73.0% of early/branch voters approved the trimmed bond package. Next, regular election results (votes cast on February 7) were tabulated by voting location. In contrast, only 54.4% of voters approved the bond package on Election Day. The final election results showed that 64.0% of voters approved the bond package in early, branch, and regular voting. The official results will not be known until the Board of Trustees canvases the vote at 6:30 P.M. on February 17, 2004.

Bond 2004 Election

Votes  Early/Branch  Election Day   Total
Yes  73.0 %   54.4 %  64.0 %
No  27.0 %   45.6 %  36.0 %
Total -------------- --------------- ---------------
Votes  6935  6496 13431

Sandy Johnson, Co-chair of the CCISD Bond Advisory Committee, exclaimed that the margin of victory confirmed that "we did listen to what the community had to say (about the Bond 2003 package) and we took action. And, we appreciate the community standing up for us."

League City Mayor Jeff Harrison dropped by the boardroom to congratulate Superintendent Mossman. He said, "It is terrific. I am thrilled because this will help the schools get to where they need to be."

Dr. Mossman said, "I think it is validation that the community really appreciates and is proud of their school district." I feel that our constituents were glad their voice was heard, and they provided their support because they saw the contents of the bond package was focused on instruction and the needs of the classroom.

Board Trustee Paula Tomasi said, "I am really excited. This is an opportunity to provide safe and healthy facilities for our students and our staff." Trustee Paula Thomas added, "Itís a new year and we are moving on. Itís time. Itís time for the kids!" Trustee Ralph Parr echoed these sentiments by saying, "I am thrilled and excited and pleased and thankful we are moving forward."

CCISD School Board Studies Small Learning Communities: Part II. Comments by Board Members and More Information

By Marilyn Clark

Trustee David Juengel, Chief Financial Officer of Money Management International, said that his business has over 90,000 clients. He spoke of a need for increased financial literacy. He stated that students need more training in math basics for life such as balancing checkbooks. He thinks that the SUMMIT advisory curriculum and small learning communities (teams) like the Computer, Marketing and Business Academy could help students develop skills that would help them succeed in life and the business world.

Archived on July 16, 2004.
Online publication date is July 16, 2004.

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